ATS & AC Inverter


ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch)

ATS provide redundant power and keep key mission-critical applications running. Generally used to provide power redundancy to equipment with a single power supply, it can automatically transfers power between sources with no interruption if the primary source fails or requires maintenance to eliminate your critical load downtime.

Key features

  • Redundant power supply. (From input Source 1 and Source 2)
  • Back feed protection (according EN62310-1)
  • Complete protection for overload and short-circuit. (With FUSE Holder Accessible)
  • Simple user interface while with comprehensive diagnostics
  • Industry standard communications (RS232, Dry Contact)
  • Different setting to adjust the voltage failure sensing level (+/-12%~+/-20%)*(Default setting: Nominal voltage +/-12%)
  • 1U form factor for horizontal or vertical mounting
  • EPO contact is integrated

      Download ATS Introduction Brochure

MAX+ AC Inverter 1K/2K/3K/5K

The MAX+ AC Inverter delivers an efficient and reliable solution for off-grid, backup power and self-consumption for homes and small business.

Key Features

  • AC Inverter with built-in SCC (Solar Charger Controller)
  • Fast battery charging with solar power regardless of the presence of AC mains
  • Largely extended backup time whenever solar power is present
  • Wide AC input voltage range
  • Up to 98% efficiency under line mode which results in energy saving
  • Strong charging capability which gives flexibility on battery configuration