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Gripower Pro

Gripower II applies complete modularization with easy plug/play designs, system rack, UPS, communication, display modules and optional power distribution panels, smarts cards and etc.. allows for complete adherence to a customer's requirement. Each UPS module has a completely functional 25kVA UPS, advanced wireless parallel control technology and smart communication protocols, allowing the UPS, communication and display module to realized online maintenance that will not affect its daily operations. New modules can also be added to the system without need for calibration. Maintenance and expansion can be easily achieved.

Core features

  • Output power factor 1.0
  • Double conversion on-line technology
  • Three-level bridge IGBT PWM control
  • 99% efficiency in ECO mode, 96% efficiency in inverter mode
  • 25~200kVA per frame
  • Parallel up to 4 frames and 800kVA
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Adjustable battery quantity
  • High flexibility and expandability