Phoenixtec employees volunteer for beach cleanup

Q2 2019

Phoenixtec employees volunteer for beach cleanup in Shenzhen, China

In Q2 2019, Phoenixtec volunteers removed trash from Shenzhen’s Jin Sha Wan Beach, demonstrating our determination to become an active steward of the environment in China. 

After a briefing on marine debris and their impact on the environment and wildlife, our volunteers were divided into several groups and worked together to pick up trash, record the trash data, identify the sources and weigh the trash collected. 

One of the current major environmental problems is that marine litter is being deposited in increasing amounts on the world's beaches and oceans. This is especially true for plastics, which form the bulk of the litter and which can last for an unknown number of years in the oceans. Plastic bags are often mistaken as food by sea turtles and other sea animals. According to Ocean Conservancy’s finding, roughly 15 to 51 trillion plastic pieces (93,000 to 236,000 tons) are floating in the oceans every day. Eight million metric tons of plastic enters our oceans each year, which is equivalent to 22,000 747-jumbo jets of plastic, weighing as much as 30,000 elephants! 

This event, co-organized with Shanghai Rendu Ocean NPO Development Center and Shenzhen Blue Ocean Conservation Association, enhanced our employees‘ awareness and understanding of ocean trash, and provided an eye-opening experience for volunteers as we realized that ocean trash is everywhere once you start looking. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment we live. Every small step we take toward a cleaner world matters.

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